Entry of Women in Masjids

Entry of Women in Masjids

Why in news : Jama Masjid Delhi, facing the burnt of women community after issuing the order for ban on women inside the masjid revoked the earlier order.

Background of the issue :

  • The authorities gave reason for the ban as some women don’t respect the sanctity of the place of worship.
  • Later, they revoked the ban after facing backlash from the community.

Islamic law on womes’s entry :

  • There is less debate around allowing women into mosques to offer their prayers.
  • The religious texts also do not ban women into mosques to offer their prayers.
  • Even across West Asia there is no ban on women coming to the masjid for prayers.
  • In the U.S. and Canada too women are allowed for prayers inside the mosque.
  • However, there is no special place in most of the mosques in India for women to offer their prayers due to which they are reduced to ‘men only’ zones.

Previous ban in the case of Haji Ali Dargah :

  • In 2011, the ban was imposed in the case of Haji Ali Dargah, Mumbai inside the sanctum sanctorum of the Dargah.
  • After the campaign of “Haji Ali for All”, several women came in support to lift the ban.
  • They approached the Bombay High court which has given the judgement to lift ban in 2016.
  • The High court quoted Article 15, 16 and 25 of the constitution to grant women the access to Mosque.

There are various petitions filed before the Supreme Court in which access has been sought for women in all mosques across the country. The apex court has clubbed these petitions with the Sabarimala Case.

Syllabus : prelims+mains; Gs-2; Governance and various supreme court judgements