Khalanga Mela

Khalanga Mela

Why in news : Recently, the 45th edition of the Khalanga mela was held at Khalanga war memorial, Uttarakhand.

Key points about the Khalanga mela :

  • The fair is organized every year in remembrance of the Gorkha warriors who fought bravely against the British in the Battle of Nalapani on the outskirts of Dehradun in 1814.
  • The fair is celebrated by the Marshal community of India – Gorkhas.

About Khalang war memorial :

Khalang War Memorial, Uttarakhand

  • It is located in Uttarakhand and is a famous tourist spot in Dehradun.
  • It depicts the brave story of Gorkhas.
  • It is perhaps the world’s first memorial erected by an army for their opponent.
  • It was Britishers who constructed Khalanga War Memorail in the memory of their General “Gilaspy” and other men to pay tribute after the battle of Nalapani,1814.

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