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Rythu Bandhu Scheme

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Rythu Bandhu Scheme

About the scheme:

  • The “Agriculture Investment Support Scheme” (Rythu Bandhu), the first cash transfer scheme for farmers, was introduced by the Telangana State government in 2018-19.

  • Rythu Bandhu literally means ‘Friend of Farmer’. The objective this scheme is two-fold: first, to provide a timely cash grant for initial investment needs of farmers, and second, to ensure that farmers do not fall into the debt trap.
  • The scheme provides a grant of Rs. 5,000 per acre per farmer each season for purchase of inputs such as seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, labour and other investments.
  • The focus of the scheme has been to provide support to small-scale food producers.

Telangana Dalit Bandhu Scheme:

  • The Government of Telangana has launched Telangana Dalit Bandhu Scheme.
  • It is basically a welfare scheme for empowering Dalit families and enabling entrepreneurship among them.
  • Through this scene, the government is going to transfer an amount of Rs 10 lakh per family.
  • This scheme is going to be the biggest cash transfer scheme in the country.
  • The main objective of the Telangana Dalit Bandhu Scheme is to empower the Dalits of the state.
  • Through this scheme, financial assistance will be provided to the Dalits for setting up their business.
  • This scheme is going to improve the standard of living of the Dalits.
  • Other than that with the implementation of this scheme Dalits will become self-dependent.
  • This scheme is also going to reduce the unemployment ratio of the state.
  • Through this scheme, Dalits will be able to set up their business enterprise which will help in their overall development.
  • This scheme will be implemented in all the assembly constituencies of the state.

Mission Bhagiratha:

  • Mission Bhagiratha is a safe drinkiing Water for every household.

  • Under the Telangana Drinking Water Supply Project, a mammoth 1.30 lakh km stretch of pipelines would be laid to quench the thirst of Telangana towns and villages apart from providing water for the industrial needs.
  • For this project, surface water of perennial rivers and major reservoirs would be utilised as a raw water source.
  • Taken up with an estimated cost of Rs 35,000 crore, Mission Bhagiratha is intended to ensure that no female member of a household would need to walk miles to carry a pot of water.
  • Under this flagship programme, it is conceived to provide 100 litres per capita per day (LPCD) treated and piped water to every household in rural areas, 135 LPCD in municipalities and 150 LPCD in municipal corporations.

Syllabus: Prelims + Mains; GS II – Schemes

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