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02-06-2023 MCQs Test English

5 Questions

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1. Consider the following statements with respect to Kathakali.

  1. It is the dance drama from the south Indian state of Kerala.
  2. Traditionally performed by male dancers, it developed in courts and theatres of Hindu regions contrary to other Indian classical dances which predominantly developed in Hindu temples and monastic schools.

Choose the correct answer.


2. Consider the following statements with respect to Bharatanatyam.

  1. Conventionally a solo dance performed only by women, it initiated in the Hindu temples of Tamil Nadu and eventually flourished in South India.
  2. Theoretical base of this form traces back to ‘Natya Shastra’, the ancient Sanskrit Hindu text on the performing arts.

Choose the correct answer.


3. Consider the following statements with respect to Sedition.

  1. Sedition was first introduced in 1870 as an offence under Chapter IV of the Indian Penal Code which is related to the offences against the state.
  2. The first trial of sedition was conducted in the case of the Queen v. Jogendra Chandra Bose (1891) of the Bangabasi case.

Choose the correct answer.


4. Consider the following statements with respect to the Statutory liquidity ratio(SLR).

  1. According to the Banking Regulation Act of 1949, SLR can range from 0 to 40% of the bank’s deposits.
  2. SLR is currently set at 18% of NDTL.

Choose the correct answer.


5. Consider the following statements.

  1. CRR deposits are kept with the RBI.
  2. SLR deposits are kept with the banks themselves.
  3. SLR deposits earn interest.
  4. SLR is long term liquidity management tool whereas CRR is medium to short term liquidity management tool.

Choose the correct answer.

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