23-02-2023 MCQs Test English

5 Questions

1. “World Economic Outlook” report is released by which Institute?


2. Consider the following statements regarding Mohiniyattam.

  1. It is an Indian classical dance form that developed and remained popular in the state of Kerala.
  2. It is traditionally a solo dance performed by women after extensive training, though nowadays men can also perform the dance.

Choose the correct answer.


3. Consider the following statements regarding Kathakali.

  1. It is native to the Malayalam-speaking southwestern region of Kerala.
  2. Kathakali is structured around plays called Attakatha written in Sanskritized Malayalam.

Choose the correct answer.


4. Consider the following regarding Dickinsonia fossil.

  1. Dickinsonia is an extinct genus of basal animal that lived during the late Ediacaran period.
  2. The individual Dickinsonia typically resembles a bilaterally symmetrical ribbed oval.

Choose the correct answer.


5. The famous “Keeladi excavations” are located in which state?

Is fire hot or cold?