29-08-2023 MCQs Test English

5 Questions

1. The recently released report “ENVISTATS INDIA” is released by?


2. Consider the following statements regarding the Border Security Force (BSF).

  1. It is India’s border guarding organisation on its borders with Pakistan and Bangladesh.
  2. It was raised in the wake of the 1965 war “for ensuring the security of the borders of India”.

Choose the correct answer.


3. The exercise “Ops-Alert” recently seen in news is related to?


4. Consider the following statements regarding Border Security Force.

  1. It is the only CAPF to have a Water Wing, Air Wing and an Artillery Regiment.
  2. It comes under the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Choose the correct answer.


5. Which of the following are objectives of the BSF?

  1. Acting as guides to the Army in border areas.
  2. Assistance in control of refugees.
  3. Performing special tasks connected with intelligence including cross-border raids.
  4. Replenishing manpower.
  5. Anti-infiltration duties

Choose the correct option.

7 * 2 ?