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29-04-2024 MCQs GS Test English

5 Questions

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1. Which of the following can be the impacts of plastic pollution?

  1. It can cause cancer in Humans
  2. Disturb hormonal balance
  3. Increase marine Pollution

2. Consider the following statements and mark the correct option:

Assertion: Plastics contribute to 3.4% of global GHG emissions.

Reasoning: Plastic production uses fossil fuels in production processes.


3. Which of the following bodies hosts the Climate Technology Center & Network?


4. What happens if death of a candidate contesting polls dies post polling?


5. Consider the statements and mark the correct one:

  1. Elections will continue from the point it stopped due to natural disaster.
  2. In case of booth capturing in a polling station in a particular constituency, ECI will order repolling in the entire constituency.
4 - 3 ?

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