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03-05-2024 MCQs GS Test English

5 Questions

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1. What will be the possible impact if the US Fed increases Fed Rates?

  1. Indian Rupee will fall.
  2. There will be more inflows of investment into India.
  3. Indian imports will become expensive.

2. Consider the following & mark the correct one:

  1. Hydropower Generation has been impacted due El Nino.
  2. Hydropower Generation has zero carbon footprint.

3. Which among the following is a Primary Nutrient for plant?

  1. Nitrogen
  2. Iron
  3. Potash

4. Which of the following are the benefits of Neem Coated Urea?

  1. Less diversion of subsidised urea towards non agri sector.
  2. Better NPKS absorption by the plant.

5. Consider the following statements & mark the correct one.

  1. Nutrient Based subsidy was introduced in 2012 for providing balanced nutrition to plants.
  2. It was not successful because it did not include urea in it.
7 * 2 ?

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