UPSC Books

"How many books are too many books?"

one thought that resonates with almost all the aspirants irrespective of which exam you’re preparing for! And especially, when it comes to preparing a UPSC booklist for Civil Services, you may find yourself buying every book that is present in the book store. So, when you sit with those books to finally read, many-a-times thoughts like “too many books, too little time” make you feel distraught!

Hence, to make you worry a little less and study a little more, we have compiled an exhaustive booklist for UPSC that is recommended by toppers. You should follow only a specific UPSC booklist in order to ensure you’re not digressing too much from the core syllabus. Please note that you do not have to read all the books in its entirety. Make sure you download our micro-topics syllabus PDF and read the books provided in UPSC booklist in accordance with it. That way, you’ll be able to keep yourself focussed to the actual UPSC syllabus.

Let’s have a list of UPSC booklist that is sure to help you with an exhaustive preparation of UPSC.

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