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One of the most commonly asked questions by Civil Services aspirants is, how effective is the preparation through distance learning by subscribing to study material. Well, distance learning is one of the most popular methods of learning, across the globe. The world’s best universities offer a host of such courses in various streams for their international students.

Distance learning through study material is a boon for those aspirants who are located in far-flung areas and are unable to go to cities to attend classes; there are many aspirants who are unable to afford the financial burden of taking coaching; there are aspirants who have to work to support themselves and families and hence have a constraint to attend scheduled coaching. For all such aspirants, subscribing to study material is an excellent and affordable option.

In today’s times, we are grappling with the problem of plenty in all spheres of life. Information overload is crippling minds and affecting decision-making ability. If one googles something on the Net, it is unavoidable to get flooded with tons of information. And with so much information it is a herculean task to even decide what to read or watch first.

One of the drawbacks of preparing on your own is that one has to refer to multiple sources for preparing for Civil Services Exam (CSE) e.g. NCERT books, reference books, government publications, government reports, etc. Referring to multiple sources leaves one with fragmented concepts and broken knowledge which doesn’t stick for long in the memory. Also one needs to put in tremendous efforts to prepare notes which will have to be referred to by the aspirant before exams.

Vajirao and Reddy IAS’s Study Material compensates for all these requirements. It enables students to prepare well without having to look for content from multitude of resources thereby saving the effort and invaluable time of aspirants. It has been prepared from ground up by subject experts having years of experience behind them with an aim to comprehensively and in a focused manner impart relevant knowledge required to crack the civil services examination.

Our study material is also complimented with previous years’ question papers. The study material in all the subjects is available in English only. The entire module of GS papers (Prelims and Mains), Optional Subject paper, CSAT Paper, and Essay paper is despatched in one lot. Any of these four modules can be subscribed to independently.

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Other Information:

  1. Delivery in India only.
  2. The fee mentioned above for the respective material is inclusive of GST& Postal charges.
  3. After payment is approved, we take a week to process the first shipment.
  4. Study material is available in English only.
  5. Material bought at the institute and delivered by hand would have to be picked up from the institute periodically, when it is ready.

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