Bearcat & Blyth’s Tragopan

Bearcat & Blyth’s Tragopan

Why in news : Wildlife activists complained about instances of using these animals as gifts for luck draw winners in Manipur.

Bearcat (Binturong)

  • Its native to South and Southeast Asia.

Bearcat ( Binturong)

Distribution of Bearcat   

  • It is confined to tall forest.
  • The binturong is active during the day and at night. It is essentially arboreal.
  • The binturong uses its tail to communicate.

Protection status :

  • IUCN status : Vulnerable
  • CITES status : Appendix III
  • Wild life protection act,1972 : Schedule I

Blyth’s tragopan :

  • Blyth’s tragopan is located in Bhutan through north-east India, north Myanmar to south-east Tibet, and also China

Blyth’s tragopan and its grographical distribution in India.
The animal’s population is small and is believed to be decreasing at a rapid rate.

  • The total population is estimated to be about 2,500 to 9,999 birds.
  • It is the state body of the Nagaland.

Conservation status of Blyth’s tragopan :

  • IUCN status : Vulnerable
  • CITES : Schedule I
  • Wildlife protection act,1972 : Schedule I

Wildlife Crime Control Bureau (WCCB):

  • Wildlife Crime Control Bureau (WCCB) is a statutory body established under the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change with the intent to combat the organized wildlife crime.
  • It is established under Wildlife protection amendment act,2006.

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