Why in news : Recently, the Government has introduced paperless entry at selected airports to make air travel hassle-free.

Under the new initiative, passengers can use a facial recognition software known as DIGIYATRA to make travel smooth and quick.

Key facts about Digi  Yatra :

  • What is Digi Yatra :
    • It is a new facial recognition software for paperless passage through airport checkpoints.
    • It ensures that travellers pass through various check posts at the airport through paperless and contactless processing.
    • It uses facial features to establish their identity which would be linked to the boarding pass.

  • Working mechanism of the software :
    • To use this software, the passenger has to register their details on the digiyatra app.
    • They have to give Aadhar validation and self image capture.
  • Who will implement it ?
    • The project is implemented by the Digi Yatra Foundation which is a joint venture company.

Syllabus : Prelims + Mains: GS2- E- Governance

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