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Kashmir stag

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Kashmir stag 


  • The Kashmir stag also called hangul is a subspecies of Central Asian red deerendemic to Kashmir and surrounding areas.

  • It is found in dense riverine forests in the high valleys and mountains of Jammu and Kashmir and northern Himachal Pradesh.
  • In Kashmir, it is found primarily in the Dachigam National Parkwhere it receives protection, and elsewhere it is more at risk.
  • In the 1941s, the population was between 3000 and 5000 individuals, but since then habitat destruction, over-grazing by domestic livestock and poaching have reduced population dramatically.
  • Earlier believed to be a subspecies of red deer, but a number of mitochondrial DNA genetic studies later had the hangul as a part of the Asian clade of the elk.


  • This deer has a light rump patch without including the tail.
  • Its coat color is brown with a speckling to the hairs.
  • The inner sides of the buttocks are greyish white, followed by a line on the inner sides of the thighs and black on the upper side of the tail.
  • It is protected under appendix I of the CITES.
  • It is listed under critically endangered list in IUCN.


  • This deer lives in groups of two to 18 individuals in dense riverine forests, high valleys, and mountains of the Kashmir valley and northern Chambain Himachal Pradesh.
  • In Kashmir, it’s found in the Dachigam National Park(and its nearby areas at elevations of 3,035 meters), Rajparian Wildlife Sanctuary, Overa Aru, Sind Valley, and in the forests of Kishtwar& Bhaderwah.

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