Kutia Kondh Tribe

Kutia Kondh Tribe

Why in news : Kutia Kondh tribe did exceptionally well in reviving the lost millets.

Facts about Kutia Kondh tribe :

  • The Kutia Kondhs are a particularly vulnerable tribal groups in Kalahandi district, Odisha.
  • The Kondhs worship nature like many other tribal groups in the country.
  • The families are mostly nuclear and patriarchal in character. 
  • Shifting cultivation is the primary source of food for the tribal communities. The Kondhs call it dongar chaasor podu chaas.
  • They worship and exchange seeds in a celebration during the festival called Burlang Yatra.
  • This year NIRMAN, in collaboration with the Millet Network of India(MINI), started celebrating the Burlang Yatra on a large scale in order to increase awareness of millets.

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