National Party Status

National Party  Status

Why in news : After winning 5 seats and with vote share of 13% in Gujarat Assembly Elections the AAM Aadmi Party ( AAP) has become a national party in India.

What is a national party ?

  • The Election Commission of India has laid down specific criteria in order to be recognized as a national party.
  • However the national party tag once achieved is not permanent.
  • A party may gain or lose its national party status from time to time depending on the criteria.
  • The ECI’s political parties and Election Symbols, 2019handbook contains the criteria to be selected as a National Party :

They are :

  1. If it is recognized as a state party in atleast 4 states.
  2. If the party secures six percent of valid votes polled in any four or more states at a general election to the Lok Sabha or to a legislative assembly, and, in addition, it wins four seats in the Lok sabha from any state or states.
  3. If it wins 2 percent of seats in the Lok sabha at a general election; and these candidates are elected from three states.

Benefits associated on getting declared as a National Party :

    • Their election symbols are reserved for use by their candidates across the country.
    • They are eligible to get land in Delhi to build a party office.
    • They can have upto 40 star campaigners whose expenditure on campaigning and travel is not added to the candidate’s spending limit.

How many National Parties are there in India :

  • As of now there are 8 National Parties in India.
  • They are BJP, Congress, TMC, CPI(M), CPI, NCP, BSP and NPP.

  • Once the official results of Gujarat elections are announced then AAP becomes the ninth national party.

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