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Paddy (RICE)

Why in news:

  • In the last couple of days, many panic­stricken Non­Resident Indians (NRIs) have thronged grocery stores and supermarkets in the Unite States to hoard bags of rice.

  • In order to control the chaos, many stores in the U.S. placed a limit on the sale of rice.
  • Some even restricted sales to ‘one rice bag per family’ to deal with the unprecedented crowds.

About Rice:

  • As a cereal grain, domesticated rice is the most widely consumed staple food for over half of the world’s human population particularly in Asia and Africa.
  • It is the agricultural commodity with the third-highest worldwide production, after sugarcane and maize.
  • Since sizable portions of sugarcane and maize crops are used for purposes other than human consumption, rice is the most important food crop with regard to human nutrition and caloric intake, providing more than one-fifth of the calories consumed worldwide by humans.
  • There are many varieties of rice, and culinary preferences tend to vary regionally.
  • In India rice is grown under widely varying conditions of altitude and climate.
  • Rice cultivation in India extends from 8 to35ºN latitude and from sea level to as high as 3000 meters.
  • Rice crop needs a hot and humid climate. It is best suited to regions which have high humidity, prolonged sunshine and an assured supply of water.
  • The average temperature required throughout the life period of the crop ranges from 21 to 37º C.
  • Maximum temp which the crop can tolerate 40 C to 42 C.

Syllabus: Prelims

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