Purple Revolution

Purple Revolution

Background :

  • India is popularly known for its wide range of medicinally significant plant species, a ranks 8th among nations with the highest levels of biodiversity.
  • The market for lavender oil in India will expand at a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 5.5 percent, while trade is expected to touch $1 billion per year.
  • The state of Kashmir in India is perceived as the hub of medicinal plants.
  • Lavender, particularly, shows promising potential as a therapeutic and aromatic herb that can positively contribute towards India’s economic and medical prospects.
  • Kashmir’s lavender is captivating both domestic and international markets.

About Purple revolution :

  • The Purple Revolution or Lavender Revolution, launched by the Ministry of Science & Technology.

  • Lavender is indigenous to the mountainous areas of the countries bordering the western European part of the Mediterranean region.
  • It aims to promote the indigenous aromatic crop-based agro economy through the ‘aroma mission’ of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR).
  • The mission aims to increase the income of the farmers and promote lavender cultivation on commercial scale.
  • Lavender oil, which sells for, at least, Rs. 10,000 per liter, is the main commodity.
  • Other popular products include medicines, incense sticks, soaps, and air fresheners.
  • The cultivation of lavender is very cost-effective as it yields a revenue immediately.
  • Jammu and Kashmir’s climatic conditions are conducive to lavender cultivation, since the aromatic plant can withstand both chilly winters and pleasant summers.
  • Additionally, it is a low maintenance crop, which can be used from its second year of plantation and blossoms for fifteen years.
  • In its entirety, lavender production gives better returns when compared to other traditional crops.
  • Under the One District One Product-Districts as Export Hubs (ODOP-DEH) initiative, lavender cultivation in Jammu and Kashmir has experienced a significant boom.
  • Lavender has been designated by the central government as a “Doda brand product” to promote the rare aromatic plant and boost the morale of farmers, entrepreneurs, and agribusinesses involved in its cultivation as part of this Aroma Mission.

Syllabus : Prelims + Mains; GS3 – Indian Economy