Vizhinjam Port Project

Vizhinjam Port Project

Why in news :

  • From the last 4 months, this port project has been on the boil with the fishing community protesting to stop the project.

Why protests ?

  • According to the protesters, the port work has aggravated the coastal erosion along the coast of Thiruvananthapuram.
  • They raised various demands like scientific study to assess the impact of the port work on the shoreline, a decent rehabilitation package to those who are displaced due to high-intensity coastal erosion, minimum wage and subsidized kerosene for boats.

Kerala government’s stand :

  • The government made it clear that the coastal erosion is due to climate change.
  • The seaport is being constructed inside a natural sediment cell which is a pocket-like area which do not have much impact on the adjacent coastline.

Key facts about the Vizhinjam project :

  • It is located on the southern tip of the Indian Peninsula.
  • It is 16 Km away from Thiruvananthapuram, capital of State of Kerala.

  • It is just 10 nautical miles from the major international sea route.
  • It has natural water with depth of more than 20m.

Syllabus : prelims; location and important ports in news