Yuan Wang 5

Yuan Wang 5

Why in news : The Chinese research and survey vessel Yuan Wang 5 has reentered the Indian Ocean. It also coincides with the planned Indian long-range missile test which is happening in this week.

Yuan Wang 5

More about the news :

  • According to the maritime vessel tracking portal marinetraffic.com, Yuan Wang 5 had entered the Indian ocean region through the Sunda strait.
  • India had issued a NOTAM (Notice to Airmen) for a no-fly zone over the Bay of Bengal for a possible missile launch between December 15 and 16 for a maximum distance of 5,400 km.
  • Last month there was a major diplomatic clash between India and Sri Lanka due to the docking of Chinese research vessel Yuan Wang 5 at Hambantota.
  • Chinese presence in Indian Ocean began in 2008 under the clout of anti-piracy operations in Gulf of Aden.
  • Since then China has increased its presence in the region considerably.

Chinese investments in the Indian Ocean region :

Chinese investments in the Indian Ocean Region

  • China invested heavily in the region through BRI (Belt and Road Initiative) and various other initiatives.
  • China has used its debt trap diplomacy to gain the control over Hambantota port of Sri Lanka.

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