05-12-2022 MCQs Test English

5 Questions

1. The term “YUAN WANG-5” recently seen in news is related to ?


2. Consider the following statements regarding Central Bank Digital Currency.

  1. It is country’s official fiat currency in digital form.
  2. Just like cryptocurrency it is anonymous.
  3. It earns interests when kept in wallet just like cash deposits in bank.

Choose the correct option from below.


3. Consider the following statements.

  1. Karnataka has the highest number of tigers.
  2. India currently has 52 tiger reserves.
  3. The IUCN status of Bengal tiger is endangered.

Choose the correct option from below.


4. India is a member of which of the following organizations?

  1. Indian Ocean Rim Association
  2. Indian Ocean Commission
  3. Regional comprehensive economic partnership

Choose the correct option from below.


5. Government Restrictions Index is released by which of the following institute?

Is fire hot or cold?