24-11-2022 MCQs Test

5 Questions

1. Consider the following statements.

  1. India is party to the 1951 UN refugee convention.
  2. India didn’t ratified the 1967 protocol of the convention.

Choose the correct option from the below


2. Consider the following statements regarding the Global Hunger Index 2022.

  1. Global Hunger Index is released by WHO.
  2. India’s performance has been significantly improved compared to the last year.
  3. Wasting and stunting are only indicators taken into account while computing the index.

Choose the incorrect statements from above.


3. The term “Nyingma sect” recently seen in the news belongs to which of the below :


4. Consider the following statements regarding Measles disease.

  1. Measles is caused by bacteria called
  2. No vaccine is available for Measles disease.
  3. It is an airborne disease and is highly contagious infectious disease.

Choose the correct statements from above.


5. PM POSHANA yojana is implemented by which ministry ?

In which continent is Norway?