Election Symbols

Election Symbols

Why in news :

The Election Commission fixed the date for the first hearing in the dispute over the name and symbol of two warring Shiv Sena factions in Maharashtra.

The Election Commission decides the name and symbol of a political party under Election Symbols (Reservation and Allotment order), 1968.

About electoral symbols :

  • Basically, electoral symbol is a  symbol allocated to an independent candidate or political party by a country’s election commission for use in election ballots.
  • They are used in EVM generally associated with a particular party. The illiterate people cast their vote through the identification of party symbol.
  • Every national party and state party is allotted a symbol exclusively reserved for its use throughout the country and the states respectively.
  • No two national parties can have the same symbol. But a state party in a state can have similar to a symbol that is present as the other state party symbol.

Syllabus : prelims+mains; GS2- Various laws and acts

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