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Latest Current Affairs In English For UPSC, IAS


VOICE DEEPFAKES WHY IN NEWS ? Recently several users of the social media platform “4CHAN” used “speech synthesis” along with “voice cloning” service provider, ELEVENLABS to make voice deepfakes of celebrities like Emma Watson, Joe Rogan, and Ben Shapiro. These deepfake audios made racist, abusive, and violent comments. WHAT ARE

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U.S. shoots down balloon, Beijing warns of response

U.S. shoots down balloon, Beijing warns of response Why in news: The United States early on Sunday shot down a Chinese surveillance balloon that had floated over American airspace for several days, triggering the latest diplomatic crisis amid already worsening relations between the world’s two biggest powers. U.S. Secretary of

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Andhra Pradesh’s capital conundrum

Andhra Pradesh’s capital conundrum Why in news: On January 31, the CM of the state of Andhra Pradesh in an investors summit at New Delhi declared that Visakhapatnam will shortly become the capital. Opposition parties pointed out that it was contempt of court, as the case was still pending in

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JUST ENERGY TRANSITION PARTNERSHIP (JET-PARTNERSHIP) CONTEXT : With the signing of JET Partnership (JET-P) by three countries in the world, it has led to serious concerns regarding inter-generational and intra-generational issues. After South Africa, Indonesia, and Vietnam, India is considered the next candidate for a JET ­Partnership. WHAT IS JET-P?

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Protecting Great Indian Bustard from power lines

Protecting Great Indian Bustard from power lines Why in news: A Supreme Court­appointed committee has recommended that to protect the endangered great Indian bustard, close to 800 km of proposed power lines in the Thar and Kutch deserts of Rajasthan and Gujarat should be re­routed or made to go underground.

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