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Why in news :

  • An experiment in Japan recently reported that it failed to find “strong evidence” regarding the fact that neutrinos are their own anti-particles ruling out a few theories trying to explain neutrinos’ many mysterious properties.
  • Every elementary particle has an anti­particle. If the two meet, they will destroy each other in a flash of energy.
  • The electron’s anti­particle is the positron.
  • They can be distinguished because they have opposite charges.
  • Similarly, neutrinos have anti­neutrinos.

More about Neutrinos :

  • Neutrinos are the second most abundant particles in the cosmos.

  • Because they are so ubiquitous, their properties have an important influence on the structure of the universe.
  • Neutrinos are the most abundant particles that have mass in the universe.
  • Every time atomic nuclei come together (like in the sun) or break apart (like in a nuclear reactor), they produce neutrinos.
  • Even a banana emits neutrinos—they come from the natural radioactivity of the potassium in the fruit.
  • Once produced, these ghostly particles almost never interact with other matter.

Syllabus : Prelims; Science and Technology

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