Parole and Furlough

Parole and Furlough

Why in news : Recently, there is huge uproar regarding the parole of some prisoners.

What is parole and furlough :

  • Furlough and parole both are generally means a short-term temporary release from custody.
  • The Prisoners Act of 1894 and Prisoners Act, 1900 defines the furlough and the parole system.
  • Parole or leave is mostly a suspension of sentence.
  • Furlough is considered as an incentive for good conduct in prison and it is counted as sentence served.
  • Each state has its own rules for parole and furlough since prisons and reformatories fall under state list under the seventh schedule of the Indian constitution.
  • Section 59 of the Prisons Act empowers states to make rules inter alia “for the shortening of sentences” and “for rewards for good conduct”.
  • The maximum period of parole is one month but it can be extended under special circumstances.
  • The period for furlough is for 14 days in a year but extension may be granted citing certain reasons after an application is submitted to the prison superintendent.
  • Parole and furlough are the rights which are available to the prisoners under sections-432 of Criminal Procedure Code 1973.

Issue with the system :

  • Since there is no central law governing the framework of parole and furlough system, states are misusing the provisions to discriminate between various prisoners.
  • There are wide range irregularities in granting parole and furlough and also in their duration.

What needs to be done :

  • All the states should agree and come forward to draft a common law under central framework.

Syllabus : Prelims + Mains; GS2- various state laws in news

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