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UDAN scheme

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UDAN scheme

Why in news:

  • Recently it was found that only 11 of these airports under UDAN scheme have actually been built from scratch, while 15 airports have fallen into disuse over this period, due to the collapse of almost half the routes.

About the UDAN scheme:

In order to make air travel affordable and widespread, the Government of India has launched the Ude Desh ka Aam nagrik scheme which is also known as UDAN Scheme.

  • UDAN Scheme is basically a regional airport development program which is launched by the government of India.
  • It is basically a part of a regional connectivity scheme for upgrading the under-serviced air routes.
  • Through this scheme, air travel will be made affordable and widespread.
  • Air travel will be made cheaper and more affordable and small towns will be connected with the big cities through this scheme.
  • The first flight under the scheme took off in 2017.

Objective Of the UDAN Scheme:

  • The main objective of the UDAN Scheme is to connect small and medium cities with big cities through air service.
  • Under this scheme, cheap and affordable air travel facilities will be made available for the citizens of the country.
  • A lot of citizens will be able to travel through air transport at cheaper fares.
  • The government is going to provide subsidies in order to implement this scheme.
  • This scheme will improve the standard of living in the country.
  • Other than that time and effort will also be saved. Citizens can travel throughout the country in less time.
  • This scheme will enable all the common citizens of the country to travel by plane.
  • This scheme will also improve employment opportunities throughout the country.

Implementation Of Udan Scheme:

  • Under this scheme, the aviation company bid for the air route
  • The company which ask for the lowest subsidy is awarded the contract
  • Under this scheme the fare for each flight, the airline has to book half or a minimum of 9 or a maximum of 40 seats
  • Through this scheme, small cities of the country will be connected with the country
  • Presently the fare for travelling by taxi is Rs 10 per kilometre but under this scheme, the fare for 500 km air travel has been fixed at Rs 2500 only
  • That means Rs 5 per kilometre which is less than the taxi travel cost
  • With the implementation of this scheme, the time and money of the citizens of the country will be saved
  • With the implementation of this scheme, employment is created in sectors like airport operation, aircraft maintenance, Air traffic control and technical staff
  • Tourism will also be promoted through this scheme
  • 46 important tourist spots have been selected under the scheme

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