15-07-2023 MCQs Test English

5 Questions

1. Consider the following statements with respect to Grand Cross of the Legion of Honour:

  1. The Legion of Honour is the highest Egypt decoration, both civil and military.
  2. It consists of a medal and $1million cash in award.
  3. The membership to Legion of Honour is restricted to French nationals only.

Choose the correct option:


2. World Press Freedom Index, recently seen in news is released annually by :


3. Consider the following statements

  1. Generally, Hybrid Electric Vehicles require an outside power source to power batteries
  2. Plug in Electric vehicles use ICE engine to power batteries

Select the correct statement


4. Consider the following statements

  1. Chandrayaan 2 mission used a PSLV rocket.
  2. Chandrayaan 3 mission used LMV3 Rocket.

Select the correct statements


5. Consider the following statements regarding PSLV

  1. It’s load carrying capacity is less then LMV3
  2. It has no cryogenic stage .

Select the correct statements

6 + 0 ?