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21-06-2023 MCQs Test English

5 Questions

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1. Consider the following statements with respect to Cyclone.

  1. Unlike many other natural hazards, cyclones give adequate warning of their arrival.
  2. Tropical cyclones are formed only over warm ocean waters near the equator.

Choose the correct answer.


2. Which of the following are necessary conditions for formation of Tropical Cyclone.

  1. High sea temperatures of at least 27°C.
  2. Converging winds near the ocean surface forcing air to rise and form storm clouds.

Choose the correct answer.


3. Consider the following statements with respect to Swami Vivekananda.

  1. He was an Indian Hindu monk, philosopher, author, religious teacher, and the chief disciple of the Indian mystic Ramakrishna.
  2. Born into an aristocratic Bengali Kayastha family in Calcutta, Vivekananda was inclined from a young age towards religion and spirituality.

Choose the correct answer.


4. Consider the following statements with respect to Heatwave.

  1. A Heat Wave is a period of abnormally high temperatures, more than the normal maximum temperature that occurs during the summer season in the North-Western parts of India.
  2. Heat Waves typically occur between March and June, and in some rare cases even extend till July.

Choose the correct answer.


5. Consider the following statements.

  1. Higher daily peak temperatures and longer, more intense heat waves are becomingly increasingly frequent globally due to climate change.
  2. A heat stroke happens when the ambient temperature is so high that the body is unable to sweat to regulate the core temperature, which shoots up to 40 degree C (or 104 degree F).

Choose the correct answer.

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