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Books for International Relations Optional in UPSC CSE

International Relations Booklist – MAINS: PAPER-I BOOKS

International Relations and International Relations

Section A: Comparative Politics and International Relations

Essential Readings:

  • “The Globalization of World Politics: An Introduction to International Relations” by John Baylis, Steve Smith and Patricia Owens.
  • “Global Politics” by Andrew Heywood.
  • “Theories of Comparative Politics: The Search for a Paradigm Reconsidered” by Ronald H. Chilcote.
  • IGNOU notes on Comparative Politics.

Additional Readings:

  • “Theories of International Relations” by Palgrave publications.
  • “The Oxford Handbook of International Relations” by Christian Reus-Smit and Duncan Snidal.
  • “Understanding International Relations” by Chris Brown and Kirsten Ainley.
  • “Introduction to International Relations: Theories and Approaches” by Georg Sorenson and Robert Jackson.
Section B: India and the World

Essential Readings:

  • Indian Foreign Policy: An Overview  by Harsh Pant
  • International Relations- Mcgraw Hill education
  • IDSA website should be followed for articles.
  • MEA website should be regularly followed for updates and articles.
  • IR editorials should be followed in The Hindu and the Indian Express.

Additional Readings:

  • The Oxford Handbook of Indian Foreign Policy” by David M. Malone, C Raja Mohan and Srinath Raghvan.

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