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Foundation Course

An exclusively designed course for comprehensive coverage of both Preliminary and Mains syllabus of UPSC Civil Services Examination, during Graduation.

Best Course for Civil Services Preparation with Graduation

Becoming an IAS officer in the first attempt i.e. 21 or 22 years can be the dream of many of you. So Vajirao & Reddy Institute has started 3 year foundation course for 12th Pass Students. The purpose of this course is to prepare the student studying in Under-graduate college for UPSC Civil Services Exam along with the academic degree of the college. During the 3 years in the Foundation Course, student prepare for the Civil Services Exam through and get also an Academic Degree.

Although in the 3 Year Foundation Course, the UPSC Exam preparation is completed by the student. In such situation, student successfully become IAS at the age of 21 in their first attempt itself. In the Civil Services Exam 2021, 35 Students succeeded in becoming IAS as soon as they passed the Academy degree at the age of 21 in their first attempt from Vajirao & Reddy Institute. Similarly 53 students of Vajirao & Reddy Institute have cleared the Civil Services Exam of UPSC 2020 and have succeeded in becoming IAS at the age of 21 in their first attempt.

The Vajirao & Reddy Institute 3 Year Foundation Course has been analyzed in such a way that the students can prepare from the primary foundation level in easy language in such a way that they can also pursue academic degree.

Ist Year – Preparation of NCERT Based GS

The GS integrated Prelims & Mains and CSAT syllabus is specially designed for UPSC preparation students going to undergraduate college after 12th. The students who clear the UPSC exam in the first attempt itself should have depth knowledge, conceptual study and analytical skills, excellent answer writing skills of GS. For this, there should be better preparation for GS. So for GS preparation nothing can be better than starting with NCERT based syllabus. Analytical study of NCERT based syllabus will not only way a strong foundation for UPSC but will also help in many other GS based exams.

NCERT is a good resource to build the base of GS. It not only provides in depth knowledge in easy language but also helps in building basic concept.

Therefore, preparation for NCERT based GS will be completed in the first year. For this, Vajirao and Reddy Institute has specially prepared NCERT based GS Books known as Gist of NCERT and notes. Therefore in the first year, students are provided with GS notes and Gist of NCERT books during their preparation with coaching classes.

Study Hour :
Under 3 years Foundation Course, 4 Hours classes are conducted on daily basis (Monday to Friday) in the first year.
Comprehensive preparation for GS Pre-cum-Mains is done by India’s Top Teaching Faculty and Best Mentors. Subject sequence wise and systematic study is done everyday.

Doubt Clearing Session :
After the class everyday, after every 2 hours lecture, specially one-to-one doubt clearing session provided to every student. In doubt clearing session, student can discuss with faculties without any hesitation on any problem specially related to his studies.

About Test Series :
Weekly Topic Wise two hour test is conducted every Saturday for General Studies Foundation Batch. Weekend test is conducted with completely explanation. The weekly General Studies revision is done through the test.

IInd Year – Preparation for GS Standard and Optional Subjects and Current Affairs

After completely preparing for GS integrated Prelims & Mains from NCERT based syllabus in the first year, Vajirao & Reddy Institute will start GS integrated Prelims & Mains Standard Class with Notes, Many standard Text-books and other important resources i.e. Yojana, Kurukshetra and Hindu News Paper. In this session the students will be able to conceptually and analytically prepare for UPSC Civil Services Exam. In this second phase, in preparation for GS standard, the static part of GS Pre & GS Mains as well as the dynamic part is prepared. For this, various topics of GS are prepared by integrating weekly Current Affairs with various subjects of General Studies. Along with this, revision of General Studies is also done in this second phase of foundation course.

Optional Subjects
There is a meeting of experience Senior Mentors and Board of Directors to make students choose Optional subjects. In this meeting, keeping in mind the academic degree of the student and the interest in the subject and the scoring subject, the optional subject is selected according to the Civil Services Exam.

Current Affairs
Every Saturday 3 to 4 hours special classes of Current Affairs are organized in the second phase. Analysis of Government Magazine i.e. Yojana, Kurukshetra and News Papers Indian Express, The Hindu, are done in Current AffairsConceptual and analytical classes on current affairs are conducted according to the dynamic part of GS.

Study Hours
Under the 3 year foundation course in the second year on a daily basis (Monday to Friday) 4 to 6 hours classes are conducted.Focus is on concept clarity in classes. Classes are conducted with current based approach. UPSC Pre and Mains level is taught in an integrated approach. Along with 4 hours classes of GS standard and Optional subject classes of 2 hours per day are conducted.

About the Test Series :
In the second year, topic wise test is conducted as per GS Standard. The discussion of the weekly test is done by the faculties. In the weekly test, the static part of GS as well as the dynamic part related to Current Affairs are revised. Weekly topic wise 2 hours test is conducted on every Saturday. Weekend test is done with complete explanation. The weekly General Studies revision is done through the test.

IIIrd Year - GS Dynamic & All India Test Series

After the revision of NCERT based GS and the complete preparation of GS standard and optional subject, in this IIIrd and Final phase, the students are made to prepare in depth the dynamic part of GS, Current Affairs according to the UPSC Exam. In preparation for current affairs, Vajirao & Reddy Institute provided 10 to 15 Pages General studies current affairs assignment per day. Simultaneously, 4 hours Current Affairs analytical classes are conducted for dynamic preparation on Every Saturday Specially, analysis of GS Mains is done by Publication Division Magazines of Government of India i.e. Yojana and Kurukshetra.

In the IIIrd phase, All India test series is done for General Studies Mains and General Studies Prelims and optional subject mains. The test series of General Studies Mains is conducted according to the complete UPSC Pattern. In which revision of complete syllabus is done by Test Series. The model answer of the Test Series is prepared by the top rank selected IAS. With this student completed his study of GS Prelims and GS Mains and optional subjects and Current Affairs before the UPSC Civil Services Examination.

Time Duration & Coaching Classes Hour of Foundation Course

If we analysis of the General Studies Prelims & General Studies Mains Classes and Optional Subject Classes then General Studies Pre-cum-Mains integrated classesmeans GS basic and GS Standard Classes will be completed in 919 hours and Optional Subjects will be completed in 220 Hours.
Subject-wise study hour analysis of General Studies Classes and Optional Subjects Classes are as follows:

  1. Indian History — 72 hours
  2. World History — 30 hours
  3. Culture — 24 hours
  4. Indian Polity & Governance — 100 hours
  5. Indian & World Geography — 100 hours
  6. Science & Technology — 90 hours
  7. Economics — 70 hours
  8. Ethics — 80 hours
  9. Social Issue — 40 hours
  10. International Relations — 40 hours
  11. Internal Security — 16 hours
  12. Disaster Management— 20 hours
  13. Ecology & Environment — 36 hours
  14. Current Affairs — 111 hours
  15. CSAT — 90 hours

About Notes and Books Material
We, believe that quality education is the right of every student and we have made all the necessary efforts to ensure that the study material that we provide is comprehensive, compact, effective and error free.
In order to make the material more interesting, engaging and easy to understand, we have used infographics, flow charts and images to ensure students are able to relate through visualization. The study material is authored by experienced faculties in collaboration with research and development team of VAJIRAOwriting and designedthe syllabus according to standards and dynamic nature of the UPSC Civil Services Examination.
The content of the study material is designed as per the latest syllabus according to pattern of the UPSC Civil Services Examination-2023 i.e.

  • The study material is analytical as well as comprehensive nature that complete both Preliminary and Mains Examination.
  • The study material has been prepared taking into notes the present trends and previous years’ questions of Civil Services Examination.
  • The study material is revised at regular intervals as per the latest happenings, developments and recent trends of the examination.

List of Books and Notes
We provided 20 Notes Booklet of General Studies that also popularly known as pink and yellow notes book material and for General Studies we provide books material that is also known as Gist of NCERT. List of Books material are :

1General Studies : A Brief History of India(The Gist of NCERT) (Volume-1)
2Vajirao General Studies : Indian History (Booklet Notes)
3General Studies : World History (The Gist of NCERT) (Volume-2)
4General Studies : World History(Booklet Notes)
5General Studies : Modern Indian History (The Gist of NCERT) (Volume-3)
6General Studies : Modern Indian History(Booklet Notes)
7General Studies : Geography of Indian (The Gist of NCERT) (Volume-4)
8General Studies : Geography of Indian (Booklet Notes)
9General Studies : World Geography (The Gist of NCERT) (Volume-5)
10General Studies : World Geography (Booklet Notes)
11General Studies : Indian Constitution & Polity (The Gist of NCERT) (Volume-6)
12General Studies : Indian Constitution & Polity (Booklet Notes)
13General Studies : Indian Economy (The Gist of NCERT) (Volume-7)
14General Studies : Indian Economy (Booklet Notes)
15General Studies Revision Notes Book(Brief Subject Analysis) (Volume-9)
16General Studies Revision Notes Book(Booklet Notes)
17General Studies Revision Notes Book(Brief Subject Analysis) (Volume-10)
18General Studies Revision Notes Book(Booklet Notes)
19General Studies Objectives Questions Bank (Answer with Explanation) (Volume-11)
20General Studies Objectives Questions Bank(Booklet Notes)
21Optional Subject Paper-I : (Booklet Notes) Volume-1 
22Optional Subject Paper-I : (Booklet Notes) Volume-2 
23Optional Subject Paper-II : (Booklet Notes) Volume-3 
24Optional Subject Paper-II : (Booklet Notes) Volume-4  

Key Features of Foundation Course

  • Each part of General Studies covered in continuous classes.
  • A team of Highly Qualified and experienced faculty members are being provided.      
  • Facility to every students revise offline classes on Vajirao learning app.
  • Subject wise test are being conducted after competition of every topics or a particular segment.
  • Maximum opportunity for students to interact with the faculty.
  • Dedicated Current Affairs classes.
  • Current Affairs classes are also being provided every Saturday for 4 Hours.
  • Exclusive Study material (Notes, Booklet & Current Affairs Series)
  • Rich Library, Library Facilities provided for every students.
  • Mains Exam Test Series questions according with UPSC pattern with through coverage of the entire syllabus, detailed model answers.
  •  Hostel facility available. Hostel being in Vajirao Campus separate for Girls & Boys.
  • Emphasis on answer writing practice.
  • Live Doubt session with the concerned faculty at the end of each class into which one to one interaction.
  • 2 classes of 2 hours each will be conducted on daily basis that means 4 hours General Studies Classes provided every day.

Answer Writing Skill Session :
Good answer writing skill is essential to clear the Civil Services Mains Examination. If you write conceptually, analytically and in the comprehensive nature then you can achieve maximum marks in the Mains Examination, so for improve answer writing skill time to time our senior faculties, IAS top rank holder design a answer writing skills session at periodic intervals.

Performance Evaluation :
Performance evaluation is necessary to check your performance, where you are ? So Institute provide regularly topic wise test and All India Test Series on periodic intervals. According to Test Performance students ranks digitally cleared on mobile/dashboard, students will be assessed regularly through objective and subjective questions based test and regularly intervals for performance evaluation and continuous improvement.


  • Allotment of Seat will be done according to Token Number.
  • Admission is purely based on ‘FIRST COME FIRST SERVE BASIS`
  • Joining Vajirao & Reddy Institute is easy, you just need to follow the below mentioned steps.
  • In Step 1 : For admission you need to visit Official website i.e.,
  • In step 2 : For Reserve Your Seat—Visit our Upcoming batches.
  • Where you will see the Available batches list, choose the batch that fits you.
  • Click on Register now.
  • On the right-hand side, you will see a button, in that list click on “Register Now”
  • In step 3 : Fill Our Student Registration Form.
  • You will come on “Student Registration form, just fill this form by entering your information and click on Submit button.
  • Pay Registration Fees –5000/- (ADJUSTABLE IN TOTAL FEES)
  • After submitting the form, you will come on Pay “Registration Fees page–click on Pay Now to continue.
  • Choose a Payment option.
  • Select preferred “payment option” to make payment of your Registration fee (Rs.5000) amount.
  • Check your Token & Waiting Status.
  • Once the payment has done, you will receive your token number on your registered contact number.
  • In Step 4 : In next step, you will be getting call from institute’s counsellor for briefing.
  • In Step 5 : Institute will be sharing Bank details with you for your Admission process.
  • In Step 6 : You will be getting visiting date, wherein you can come for the necessary documentation.

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