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Current Affairs Today – Current Affairs 2022

Background radiation higher in Kerala, but no risk : study

Background radiation higher in Kerala, but no risk : study Why in news : In parts of Kerala, background radiation levels, or that emitted from natural sources such as rocks, sand or mountains, are nearly three times more than what’s been assumed, a pan-India study by scientists at the Bhabha

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India’s stand on same-sex marriage

India’s stand on same-sex marriage Why in news : On March 13, a Bench led by Chief Justice of India D.Y. Chandrachud referred petitions to legally recognise same-sex marriages to a Constitution Bench of five judges of the Supreme Court. The Court has listed the case for final arguments on

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Samudrayaan Mission

Samudrayaan Mission Why in news : India is all set to send three explorers to a depth of 6000 metres under the sea in an indigenously built vessel, Samudrayaan. This is part of India’s Rs 4,077 crore (for five years) Deep Ocean Mission, aimed at giving a boost to country’s

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The Smart Cities Mission : With deadline looming, a status check

The Smart Cities Mission : With deadline looming, a status check Context- As the June 2023 deadline for completing the Smart Cities Mission approaches, the government has asked 20 of the worst-performing cities — ones that have completed the fewest projects under the mission — to buck up. (Credits-

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TEXTILE PARKS CONTEXT : Recently the Centre has selected sites in Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Karnataka, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh to set up new textile parks. TEXTILE INDUSTRY OF INDIA The textile industry in India traditionally, after agriculture, is the only industry that has generated huge employment for

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What is GPT-4 and how is it different from ChatGPT?

What is GPT-4 and how is it different from ChatGPT? Context- AI powerhouse OpenAI announced GPT-4, the next big update to the technology that powers ChatGPT and Microsoft Bing, the search engine using the tech, on Tuesday. GPT-4 is supposedly bigger, faster, and more accurate than ChatGPT, so much so,

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ANTI-MICROBIAL RESISTANCE (AMR) CONTEXT : Anti Microbial Resistance is a very high priority on the health agenda of the G20 countries. MORE ABOUT THE NEWS : Anti-microbial resistance (AMR) is an urgent global public health threat that is driven at large by injudicious anti-microbial use across human, animal, and plant

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Red-headed Vulture

Red-headed Vulture Why in news : A red headed vulture also known as the Asian king vulture is sighted in Dudhwa national park, Uttar Pradesh. About Red-headed Vulture : The red-headed vulture also known as the Asian king vulture, Indian black vulture or Pondicherry vulture is an Old World vulture mainly found in

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